When does Clare FCA meet?

High School Huddle | Every Wednesday, 7:40-8:05am in the Library

Middle School Huddle | Every Tuesday, 7:40-8am in the Big Gym, 4th Wednesday of the month in the Auditorium for live worship music

Primary School Huddle | Every Monday, 7:40-8am in the Primary School Gym. NOTE: Parents / Guaridans must fill out parental consent forms for their children attending. Forms can be picked up in the primary office. 


What is Clare FCA like?

High School Huddle:

Every Wednesday morning in the library, we have a different guest speaker come and share an encouraging message from the Bible about Jesus for usually around 10-15 minutes. We have an excellent pool of parents, coaches, teachers, business owners, and pastors who rotate speaking and investing in the lives of the next generation. If you are interested in speaking to the students, please call or text Pastor Jonathan at 734-502-6634. 


Middle School Huddle:

The huddle is always about Jesus Christ, but the methods differ from week to week. Every month, we have a different theme. Every week, the focus of the middle school huddle changes to keep things fresh and inticing. We like to call this our Focus Four: 1. Game; 2. Message; 3. Groups; 4. Music. Each week, the focus will be on one of the four, all supporting the monthly theme. 

1. Game: Dodgeball, varations of tag, etc.

2. Message: We share a 15-20 minute message, straight from the Bible. 

3. Groups: Students get into small groups to discuss what was shared last week at the message.

4. Music: We do live music in the Middle School Auditorium! This can range from contemporary worship music to Christian hip hop. It's always about giving God glory. 

**NOTE**: We tell students ahead of time when the Music Week is so they know we will meet in the Auditorium. It's typically the 4th Wednesday of the month. 


Primary School Huddle:

Live, Kids Worship. Enaging memory verses. Fun Bible Lessons.  Goofy characters. Parents are welcome to come and see! Kids will walk away encouraged to live for Jesus with God's word hidden in their heart. 

Mission and Vision

Mission:  To lead every coach and athlete into a growing relationship with Jesus Christ and His church.

Vision: To see the world transformed by Jesus Christ through the influence of coaches and athletes.

Core Values: Integrity | Serving | Teamwork | Excellence 

Our Legacy

Clare FCA (Fellowship of Christian Athletes) is a Christian club and outreach ministry supported by the community that meets in Clare Public Schools on a weekly basis. The Clare FCA huddle is the longest standing huddle in Michigan, beginning in 1972 by Mr. Jim Bedford. Floyd Fletham led the huddle for 19 years. He paved the way for Mrs. Bonnie Rae Walter to lead the huddle for 30 years before graciously handing the leadership to Jonathan and Addy Harper. 

Clare Area Church Youth Groups
Want more? Get plugged in at a local youth group!



*Listed Alphabetically 

** All numbers are call or text unless noted otherwise. 


Brown Corners Church: browncorners.org | Youth Group: Sundays during school year; MS 5-6:30pm; HS 7-8:30pm | Pastor Hunter Taylor- 989-289-9246


Clare Assembly of God: clareassembly.org | Youth Group: Wednesday Nights all year, 5:45-7:45pm | Raven Evans- 989-487-4545 | Pastor Jonathan Harper- 734-502-6634 


Clare Christ Fellowship: Facebook | Youth Group: Sunday mornings at 9:30am | Pastor Jesse Warner- 989-339-4639


Clare Church of the Nazarene: clarenazarene.org | Youth Group: Sunday Nights, 5:30-6:30pm 


Clare United Methodist Church: clareumc.org | Youth Group: Sundays during school year, 3-5pm | Barb Tyler- 989-429-9069 (text first) | Facebook group- Clare United Methodist Youth 

Farwell Church of Christ: farwellcochrist.wixsite.com | Youth Group: Sunday Mornings at 11:15am | Christian Jorgensen- 571 388-7192