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Many years ago, I taught a lesson for the preschool that we had at our church. I had the preschoolers act out the story of the resurrection of Jesus. We had a tomb that was empty that the kids looked in. I asked the questions, “Why is the tomb empty? Where is Jesus?”

One little guy spoke right up and said, “He came back to get his boys.” Because we had focused on Peter and John running to the tomb, this little fellow focused on the boys. He came back to get his girls to.

Easter is coming up quickly. People celebrate Easter in all kinds of ways. Many families cook an Easter ham or turkey. Many times, for Easter, our family had 30 people over. Others have a very quiet day. Some enjoy Easter Egg Hunts and Easter Baskets and bunnies. When I grew up, I recall with delight hunting for my Easter basket, and we passed this tradition on to our children as well. Nothing is quite as fun as watching kids search with excitement and anticipation.

What can be missing in all these fun traditions is the one person that the season is about. Jesus. All these celebrations are fun, and they create lasting memories. Can we also go back to the original purpose of the holiday?

I would like to humbly offer three key pieces of evidence that demonstrate that Jesus rose from the dead. Jesus’ tomb was empty. This is not in doubt by historical record. No dead body of Jesus was ever produced. Some claim the Roman soldiers, or the Jews, took the body. This makes no sense. The Romans would be risking their very lives. If the Jews had the body of Jesus, they would have produced it when the stories of Him risen began to circulate. The Bible records 500 people witnessed the risen Christ. 11 of the 12 disciples died a martyr’s death. If his disciples had the body, they would not risk everything for a lie.

I believe that the physical resurrection of Jesus is a fact. This changes everything. It demonstrates that he is who he claimed to be. He is Savior, Lord, and God.

This Easter, why not go beyond the baskets, bonnets and bunnies and spent some time talking to the One who came back for His boys and girls? Why not break open the Bible and read the story. Simply look at any of the gospels and go to the end and you will find the Easter story. Why not pick a church and go to it? I lead the Clare County Pastors group and these pastors are my friends. We have many outstanding pastors and churches in our area.

Pastor Scott Harper
Clare Assembly of God